This beautiful little pond was created by architect Carola Vannini.It is located in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and it is a great garden design.The pond was made using two vertical concrete slabs, one for the ground and the other for the sea.The two shapes are connected to each other by a glass corridor that is cut in two and it is further enriched by a decorative channel.

The ground floor lamp and the faucet are suspended from the ceiling; a custom designed shower is also integrated to a horizontal side of the courtyard and it is provided with a little raised deck.The kitchen is ADA compliant and spacious.The living area is spacious and conveniently has sight-lines to both sides of the courtyard.The floors are made of polished concrete with underfloor heating.The kitchen has a breakfast bar in the middle with dining area around it. There is a stove with storage cupboards and a fireplace in the living area and from virtually any room the room can be furnished.

This water tower is located in Waterloo, Sydney and was designed by Richard Peters Associates.It was built in 1990 and after a period of construction it was dismantled and stored by New Zealand-based artist Bryan Fuller, cut into smaller pieces that can be transported to any location.

Diy Small Pond By Carola Vannini Photo 3

These pieces can be moved to any location.The main form of this tower is made of copper and with the combination of copper and wod they can be made into art pieces.There is a water tower in Alila Uluwatu, Bali that is completely made of copper.

Diy Small Pond By Carola Vannini Photo 4

It is a very elegant decoration for the indoor and the outdoor spaces and it gives a special look to your home.Although it is a water tower it is very decorative and dynamic.You may use it to improve the look of your rooms and you may also use it for other indoor and outdoor places.