Kids love colorful things. They especially love playing on the walls and not be afraid of having some place to put their clothes or food. So they are crazy about colorful things that can be found in the house and want to have all the opportunity for that they can think about. And what could be more appropriate for the kids room than a colorful coat rack. They will love to have it in their room and what is more nicer than that they can take a piece of pink paint and draw something on the wall for each other and then put it on the coat hanger directly in their room where they put the hats, scarfs, sandals and other items they need.

Well, this particular model is perfect for those kids who are too old to be afraid of the dark clothes and also want to save some space. So the project is called “Cotton Millenium” and it refers to a colorful coat rack that is made of a piece of cotton fabric and many layers of colourful cardstock. It keeps the colours of the cardstock scattered around so the colours will be brighter and the shapes of many things will be better. Then the final layer of material is removed and is replaced with a nice little black metal piece which is perfect to mount on the wall or even the coat hanger itself. It will be really useful and funny to see this coat rack soon, and I am sure the kids will love it.