I don’t know about you but I love the unique look of Halloween pumpkins. It’s always fun to draw a spooky or silly face on the pumpkin, or to represent some dark entities, and at Halloween it’s also fun to carve a variety of them so that they look like spooky and skeletons. I thought I’d show you a few ideas that involve Halloween pumpkins.

To recreate a faces pumpkin you can simply carve around the stem and this is great because you don’t need a pumpkin carving tool. It’s safe for the kids to use. First you’ll need to prepare the pumpkin by slamming a log onto the ground. Then you can have fun choosing your words. If you don’t want a faces pumpkin that I think is a little more spooky, maybe you should choose a more expressive type. After that you can paint the pumpkin or you can try a cool font and then apply it to the pumpkin.

Halloween Pumpkins Ideas Come From Molecule Landscape Photo 2

Depending on the pumpkin, the carving tool you use and the carving surface you use, you can choose the font you want and even the colors. For example, if you carve around a serperit block you can choose dark shades of blue or orange or some other color that you like. If the pumpkin is semi-transparent, the carving tool can be a little more fun. Also, the carving must be small enough so there’s not space on the inside of the pumpkin for the carving tool so always take advantage of this.

If you want to you can also add details to the pumpkin, like small or bigger leaves, feathers or a leaf formed into a heart. To get a subtle wood effect you can use a temporary tattoo ink to temporary paint the pumpkin. Also, by adding a form of hair, you can decorate the pumpkin or you can just simply use it as a design. You can choose a symbol or not and you can also invent other interesting and fun ideas.