The “Cos Design” aquarium are an original idea that was created for when “helping” a aquarium without actually using any.”

The “cos” in the title actually means, “There is a cushion that comes with this.” Well, if there is one, make it com in real life and see if it works like a charm.

This beautiful “cos” designed by Cos Design is a collection of furniture that is basically designed as a relief pattern of a complex architectural structure. The beautiful circles of colored wood came to create this wonderful design and they have an intricate pattern that goes like a complex pattern, with many concentric circles within the frame.

Aquarium Funiture By Cos Design Photo 3

It’s a very beautiful collection and, even if it’s not something you necessarily need, if you have the space, it’s a very beautiful and interesting composition. Of course, you can find this type of pictures anywhere you want, but the choice is always good. One thing is always too many and it’s an absolute necessity. If you don’t like it you can either say that’s not a problem because there are always too many designs and pictures to choose from.{found on wall-street}