Some people are simply crazy about these things and they would just love to have the space home where they can express their passion, their personality and all of that. But owning a masculine bathroom is not something you can say no to, especially if it has such an interesting design. Let’s take a look at some of the futuristic and artistic bathroom designs and see what exactly makes them so interesting.

One of the most unusual features in this bathroom is the spiral staircase which connects the two floors. The staircase itself is not particularly eye-catching. It’s made of metal with a series of smaller and round holes that spiral down and form a slim and chic staircase.

If you look closely you’ll see that the bathroom is almost completely white. It has a minimalist and elegant interior décor but the colors chosen are limited to grey and shades of blue. In order to break the monotony, warm wooden accents were added. They fit perfectly in the décor.

This bathroom is very bright and airy. It’s only the tiles that feature yellow in this case. The walls are white and so is the ceiling. The wooden flooring is also light grey and goes all the way up to the window. The curtains match the walls and add dimension to the room.

Sometimes it’s not the color of the walls or of the floor that matters. The little things like the pictures on the wall or the small accessories are what matter.

This bathroom is very charming and also very functional. The black and white theme suits the décor perfectly. The glass shower wall allows the room to feel more spacious while also allowing the rest of the room to feel airy and more spacious.

For this bathroom, the color of the walls and flooring is definitely the main attraction. It’s why black was used instead of white for the shower walls and ceiling and why the black and white combo works out wonderfully.

This interior décor is very warm and inviting. The colors are simple and muted but the warm textures and materials make the whole décor look delightful. The way the simple patterns stand out is wonderful.

This is a contemporary bathroom with a very interesting twist. It’s partially because of the colors used but also because of the way the whole décor is presented. Instead of a sterile white backdrop, the bathroom features green walls and a light, natural material palette.

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