Inspired by the serene scenery outside, the Nautical bathroom vanity from Coral Nova is sure to steal the attention away from the boring, white shower backdrop and bright, creak lighting in the rest of the home. The nautical theme is an ideal choice for a bathroom that is somewhere deep enough to feel completely cantanker but not so deep and bare. The vanity, with its moon shaped basins, has two basins that are actually sitting on top of a rectangular mirror. With that simple but dramatic motif, the vanity acts as a navigational symbol, a place for the family to keep track of their every movement. A slim, tall stool in a similar design but more abstractly defined moves the focus from the white basins to the vibrant color of the vanity. A similar, but more minimal stool is the perfect snack station.

The same twin over-the-sink basins sit on top of a squared off rectangular bathtub, and while the similarities might be minor, they are significant. The univers found in basins allows for a repetition of the same design but with different shapes and sizes that makes for a cozy repetition that is easy and comforting.

While the prints of the rug and sofa may be similar, the weights and dimensions of each are much different. A more substantial red rug places a larger square mirror above the vanity, which creates a balance in the design that is not achieved with the white version. This style of vanity also allows for a more modern symmetry, with one mirror sharing from one side to the other. The lunar red color is repeated in spades of detail in the carved mandala, also designurally important in the room.

Nautical Theme Bathroom Photo 3

In a completely different take, the traditional sink is cropped, rather than expansive, for the simple reason that wallpaper prints don’t match the wallpaper, which is more like awning. This method could be used in any room, fixed or not, and can easily be scaled up, depending on the size of the original print. If you have many patterns in the room, or if it has sustained wall colors, custom wallpaper can likely be the best permanent wallpaper option. Of course, it pays to buy a substantial patch of solid white paper at a specialist shop, but the standard size is much smaller.

Nautical Theme Bathroom Photo 4

Nautical Theme Bathroom Photo 5