Ever since I was a little kid I loved exploring the world and photographing everything that happens in it. As much as I was fascinated by the world and its inhabitants, I found it even more interesting to observe the people that did that and what makes them so good at it. It’s a phenomenon similar to the way people used to justify the superiority of the sun by claiming it only offered rays. Or the fact that all animals have only one primary color and are no different from one another. No matter what the reason is, a person has always found his own reason for loving nature and this is more than we can imagine.

Bathroom mirror.

Trendy Bathrooms With Floor-to-ceiling Mirrors Photo 2

Let’s start with the bathroom mirror. It’s a must-have that anyone should have in their home or else it will not be as easy to maintain it properly. The mirror should be placed in such a way that it’s easy to look at and it should also have a good view of whatever is reflected in it.

Trendy Bathrooms With Floor-to-ceiling Mirrors Photo 3

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Bathroom drawers.

Trendy Bathrooms With Floor-to-ceiling Mirrors Photo 5

The bathroom drawers are also very important. They are usually designed specifically for storing towels, bath supplies, medications and all sorts of similar items. They are not practical for storing linoleum, pantry items but they are the perfect place where you keep all of these things.

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A sink is one of the most common bathroom accessories. A double sink means it’s a great place for storing toiletries, extra toilet paper rolls, shampoo and shower gel. It makes it easier to reach the items you need and it keeps the countertops organized.

Shower bench.

A small bathroom doesn’t necessarily need a shower unit. A simple and practical idea can be to have a corner storage space with a bench wrapped in fabric. Give it a light coat of paint so it looks nice or let it show its natural color.