People have always been fascinated by plants and they tried to become as part of their daily routine, even started to use them for their original, organic matter. One way of caring for and taking care of these plants was also by keeping them in vases. There was a time when these plants were kept in vases and this helped them survive and grow up faster. Of course, now these plants are so much appreciated that they are often replanted to keep up the biodiversity in our environment and also so that whole plants can be grown without invasive tendencies.

Simple terra cotta pots are the best choice when these plants are needed. However, if you want something a little more original, you can try making some very interesting shapes in which they grow. For example, the Plant Pot Collection was designed by Kim Hirsley and it’s made of terra cotta which gives it a nice glow. It’s the perfect thing to use when you have a large plant that you don’t want to just place on the table.