Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bar Rooms Ideas From The Districts

If you are looking for personalized interior design solutions for your home, bars and wine tasting areas are a great place to start. The Districts Collection of fine cabins, inspired by the industrial character of the wine cellars, is a […]

Loft In Brooklyn By Min Theory

It seems that there’s no shortage of modern and stylish apartments or houses with skylights or big glass windows. However, haven’t you noticed that there’s a trend in building homes that have skylights or even in windows. The solution for […]

Office Nap Pod By Studio Puisto

Napa is a sleepy little town in Poland and this collaborative design and architectural studio, Studio Puisto, has come up with a really interesting idea for its office nap pods. The pods are windows inside which provide a whiff of […]

Holiday Bar Design Ideas

There are a lot of ways in which you can make your bar stand out. Wooden planks, metal hardware, beautiful colors, mirrored finishes and interesting decorations are just some of the suggestions. A modern bar would be the result of […]