When a young couple saw the Ideal House project by ZAmpian Architect, they decided to do something about all the problems they had in mind and this is how the Trebin Hill House was born.The house is located in the small town of Udenhout, in West Flanders, Belgium. It occupies an area of 48 square meters and it was designed by architectural firm ZAmpian Architect in 2012.

The clients were a Belgian couple who loved art and modern architecture. Their request was simple. They wanted a house that would take away the wall that separated the private rooms from the public areas and that would be a lot bigger than the previous home they owned. They wanted a den which is a mix of open and closed spaces with temposites floors and a lot of natural light coming through the arched openings.

The architects’ response included a design based on the ideal of a large and open space with little signs of the previous style. They envisioned the new structure to be modern and with an exterior largely made of glass, mainly glass window, that would allow views of the surroundings and all the natural lights of the house and of the surrounding nature. They also wanted it to have lots of natural light. In order to make that happen, the architects designed a series of openings in the flat roof that bring light in and they also open the interior, flooding the spaces and allowing them to take in all the beauty of the surrounding area.

Ando Architecto Transform An Old Space Into A Modern Residence Photo 3