It’s not always easy to pick the right combinations of colors and textures for the bathroom, especially if you are trying to avoid to have a mostly white interior design. But there are also other considerations that you should keep in mind, like the dimensions of your bathroom and if there are other elements that you want to include there. We’re showing you a few color combinations that might help.

There are lots of colors that you can choose from for the bathroom. Some are neutral and quiet colors while others are vibrant and very eye-catching. Let’s see what colors would be good for the bathroom.

1. Purple.

Purple is a very beautiful color. It’s soothing and calming so it’s a great color for the bathroom. It’s also a shade that is not as common as white or other colors as purple is an intense color so you can’t be very wrong. In this case, purple was a wonderful choice because of the intensity of the colors and the fact that it contains a group of complementary colors. Also, the purple is an elegant color that creates a nice balance with the yellow and brown colors and this makes it perfect for the bathroom.

2. Red.

Most often, people like to present themselves with warmth and body paint. In the case of the bathroom it’s very difficult to focus on the colors so it’s much easier to choose whatever color you like and to use it for the flooring or the furniture. This bathroom is very bright and this makes it almost perfect for a relaxing bath. It’s warm and soothing but it’s also elegant.

3. Blush.

This is a color that will always bring beauty into a bathroom. The bathroom is one of the least frequently used rooms in the house so if you want it to look nice and inviting, blush is probably not the right color for it. However, if you constantly want to maintain the same mood and you always want a romantic bathroom, blush can be the perfect color tone. It creates a more romantic atmosphere and it’s also more expressive.

4. Lime.

Lighter shades of pink can also be very refreshing. For example, this bathroom features a very light shade of pink that has a pastel tint. It’s a very beautiful color with a floral pattern and it’s not bold as black so it blends in more easily. It’s also a great shade for small spaces because it doesn’t have a hard surface that can create a big difference. A pastel color would be a perfect color for a small bathroom.

5. Sky.

The color of sky is usually associated with clouds or sky stories. It’s a very interesting tone and it has an impact on the whole space. It’s a shade of white with a silver slightly tinted, it’s a little more refined than black so it looks great in contemporary bathrooms. Sky is also a great color for a traditional bathroom, especially if it has updoe ruffled shower curtains or wallpaper with a beautiful pattern.

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