In order to obtain a sophisticated interior design, choosing the right wallpaper is crucial. Different types of wallpaper have different effects. On the one hand, the designs can be harsh and ungainly, thus creating a cold and uninviting atmosphere. On the other hand, the colors can be bold and happy, thus creating a sophisticated and fun place. Here are a few living room wallpaper ideas that might inspire you.

1. Contrasting neutrals.

If you don’t want the wallpaper to stand out, you can choose to use neutral colors such as white or beige. This way your accessories and furniture will stand out without using color. This way the center of the room should remain neutral.

2. Simple white.

Living Wall Indoors – A Fashionable Alternative To Classic Wallpapers Photo 4

Even though this is a neutral color, it’s very suggestive so you might want to play with different shades of white. You can also add some color with your accessories, maybe a striped area rug, a painting or maybe with patterned wallpapers.

3. Opened space.

If you would like to open up a room without necessarily using bold colors, maybe you should get a room divider. It would allow you to use bold accent pieces without having to amend the main wall.

4. Black and white.

It’s always good to use black in the living room for some of the walls or for large pieces of furniture. You can create a subtle focal point by using black as an accent color for the walls. Use it for the black stools in the coffee table or small black accessories for the accent pieces.

5. Yellow accent walls.

Yellow is a cheerful color and it’s also a bold and beautiful accent color. It would be a nice choice for the kitchen or small living room. It could look similar to red so you can complement it with red appliances and in the case of the bathroom you can also use yellow for the towel.

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