Floating shelves have a certain special appeal and they can be used in corners. They fit perfectly in that zone but can be placed elsewhere as well if you want to save floor space. Let’s now take a look at some of the Edilco designs.

This beautiful triangle corner shelf is made of powder-coated steel. It’s a great storage alternative for small spaces. To build one you need some left over metal parts and you can cut them with a saw. You have to hammer them into place and then drill a hole for the metal part in the corner. Then repeat the process for the second part. You can choose to paint the shelf or you can leave it as such.{found on design-milk}.

This is also a triangular corner shelf but the difference is that it has a flat surface. To make one you need wood boards, plywood, a drill, screws, a saw and some paint. First cut the wood pieces to the desired dimensions and prep them. Drill holes in the four corners and make sure their orientation is correct. Drill the holes and sand the boards. Then stain them and then mark the spots where you want to insert the shelf. Drill the support boards and attach it to the shelf.{found on thebirdandhersong}.

Triangular Corner Shelves From Edilco Photo 3

These shelves are a real stunner. To make them you need metal tubing, solite cork material, small steel wool panels, a drill, screws, a drill, a binder and a few dents and scratches. You basically make a frame for the shelves. The cool thing about the frame is that it can be simple or it can have an artistic look.{found on gizmodo}.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few perfect shelves, each with their own unique design and perfect for displaying photos or other things? You can build each shelf by staining the wood or painting the pipes. It’s a nice and easy project perfect for beginners.{found on theinspiredroom}.

You can also make your own shipping container shelves. The materials needed include ones 96 ft tall by 48 ft long, 2 16 ft by 12 ft tall by 10 ft long, 2 12 ft by 8 ft high and 1 8 ft by 11 ft long. The plan is simple: first build the frame, then fill the container with wood boards. Once the frame is done, you can start making the shelves. You’ll be stacking them to build the frame.{found on instructables}.

Another great idea is to repurpose a very common and useless item into a shelving system. For example, you can use an old sleeve. Turn it into a storage space for your floors and other surfaces. If you want, you can also make a separate compartment for your towels.{found on pintestermonkeyblog}.

Usually, people display their favorite photos on their walls. But this is not the best way to display such a decor. Instead, why not make a sort of frame for photos and photos for that particular piece? Then each family member can have their own beautifully displayed place.{found on halfpleasures}.

When you have such a big collection of photos and paintings, you obviously know how to display them all. Why not use scrap wood and twigs to make a modern photo holder with a circular shape?{found on theinspiredroom}.

This photo holder is made from an old cutting board. For a more interesting look, paint it not only with chalkboard paint but also a signature colors and patterns. Cut a piece of wood into a circle and paint it with chalkboard paint. After that, glue the boards to the cutting board.{found on thebasementforest}.