Blue is the perfect color for any part of your home, especially your home office. That’s why blue is a perfect option for this area of the house. You can either paint the walls navy blue or opt for something more colorful and bright. Even if you opt for white, the navy effect will be stronger. In this case, the white ceiling and walls will allow the blue to make its presence felt.

The key to decorating a room with blue furniture and accessories is to pay attention to the colors and textures used. The furniture and the accent features need to be chosen carefully. Almost all the pieces have in common the blue color which makes them stand out and includes details such as the rounded edges of the armchairs, the ottomans, the coffee table or the display areas which can be placed on the walls.

Blue Home Office By Argens Ergon Photo 2

You can also focus on other areas such as the colors used for the flooring or the colorful accent pieces used throughout. It’s a very beautiful and elegant color, with a modern and timeless feel. It would make a great pair with neutrals, chandeliers, gray and white.

Blue Home Office By Argens Ergon Photo 4