From its humble beginnings as a fishing village in the South East, Lighthouse has quickly evolved into a coastal living space. This Singaporean architect was among the first 20 young architects working out of the parkland, and today is highly respected among the area’s leading contemporary designers.

The Lighthouse treatment was developed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety while accentuating the stunning views. The site was purchased by the clients to give them expansive views across the parkland to the city skyline. In order to expand the scale of the living spaces, the bedroom levels have been extended beyond the high pergola into the roof, which helps to level the complete surface of the area.

Floating Sinks By David Trubridge Photo 2

Large glass doors slide apart and are concealed within the protective perimeter of the upper level. The uniform design of the exterior, largely made of dark-stained cedar, gives the room an unassuming and comfortable atmosphere.

Floating Sinks By David Trubridge Photo 3

The interior is much more refined than the former exterior. Its flooring is smooth and luxurious, and the furnishings are elegant and make the space even more comfortable. Its rooms are a succession of well-planned spaces, all of them in perfect harmony.

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