He is the perfect name of this project. Born from a family background, the architect has a passion for all things modern and contemporary. He is the first one to admit that his work is inspired not only by an inner feeling, but also by the unexpected juxtaposition of objects and forms. Born in Valencia, Spain, as a family he has been an interior designer before joining an architecture firm. He prefers to pursue a different style from the traditional ones, an aspect which is active both in his work and in his guests eyes, which will surely witness his true brilliance. And, it is this important characteristic that has characterized his work in the new millennium.

The architect has established his new style in 2006, when he managed to compose a very nice collection in one single room. Combining different styles, he combines classic furniture pieces with modern objects and industrial elements. In this succession, La Chaya’s collection strong resembles with those of the past, and it has won the group’s Excellence Award, being recognized by the International Home & Design Association (IHA) in the category Home Interiors.

Modern Eclecticism Oriented By Luis Aldrete Photo 2

Consequently, the picture formed is an emblem of the strength of La Chaya’s style and that it preserves the identity of its style, both in economic and cultural realms. It is also characterized by a marked industrial style, which is an achieved through the use of weathered steel and the inclusion of painted wood, through the master bedroom’s wardrobe, through the kitchen, through the bathroom and finishing with the lighting system.

Modern Eclecticism Oriented By Luis Aldrete Photo 3

It has also been noted that the owner, a Calacatta Brazilian, is a filmmaker, and had the idea to create this space purely for personal use, considering the different uses that might be created in it.