Welcome to The Gunrfüg House, a small attic apartment located in a former cigarette factory located in the heart of Tilburg, the capital of the Netherlands. This one is the perfect home for you if you’re looking for a temporary residence. The Gunrfüg House, even though it might look simple, has a very distinctive interior. Since the owners already had a small apartment, the architects tried to make their small request to the best.

It’s why they’ve chosen to create in this case a mixture of old and new. You can see that the apartment has two different floor plans. On the one side is the kitchen and the living room and on the other side is the dining room and the bathroom. There are very few major differences between the rooms. The kitchen is quite spacious. It has been recently renovated and it’s also quite new.

Antique Hutches Cabinets From Dutch Bootmaker Photo 3

The bathroom has been renovated and it’s also new. The bedroom is very cozy and inviting. It has been recently redesigned and it’s more or less the same as it old. Overall, this is a Dutch-inspired apartment, original and chic. You can see that it’s a well-organized space with plenty of storage and space for everything. The owners also brought art furniture and beautiful paintings on the walls and the rest of the décor is a combination of old and new.Nevertheless, even though the interior décor is mostly white and cold, the atmosphere is still inviting and cozy.

Antique Hutches Cabinets From Dutch Bootmaker Photo 4