Created by Berlin-based architect Edwin Baeza, this basement apartment renovation is a wonderful example of how to solve the density of a space without compromising aesthetics and function. It is a simple, minimal interior design where the architects used color and form to their advantage.

To maximize the available natural light, the architect designed the space with a unique perspective over the surroundings. The solution to open and empty spaces was chosen as the best solution to manage the light without compromising the resources. Natural light was the key to this simple design. The apartment has four windows and has large windows at the top, the bottom and south. The windows and large glass walls were designed to create a sense of spaciousness and openness.

They allow light to travel from one room to another but they maintain a sense of privacy. The basement had a maze of rooms, some of which leading to other, connecting the apartments. The goal was to make a home that would express the owner’s personality throughout the entire home. Most of the rooms are color-coded.

The ground floor contains the dining room that can accommodate up to 8 people, the lounge area featuring large windows and a large bookcase, and the kitchen and bedroom. The first floor contains the children’s rooms, a double-height space, a bathroom and a master bedroom with a secluded walk-in closet.{found on designboom}.