The marias chair was designed by Pollen Maij of studio Pollen Design and it’s a very flexible and versatile seating arrangement. It’s a contemporary piece of furniture with a simple but original and unusual design. The concept that coined the term mesh wasobsde to describe a network of varying environment, from ambient to subwoofer. This creates a dynamic seating arrangement that can alter depending on the weather conditions and thus the user’s moods.

The structure of the chair makes it very flexible. It’s made of a single metallic element and it functions as a central component or as an intermediate layer that becomes diffuse of surrounding elements that could affect the structure. This means that the structure could become more dynamic or it could become rigid. Another potential advantage of this beautiful piece is that it’s extremely light and it can change its position during the day and it’s a great piece to complement comfortable seating areas.

The mesh chair features a continuous structure with a fluid and delicate lines. It’s a relatively easy assembly process and it’s visible that the process was quite simple but it does require more attention than usual. The overall dimensions of this unusual piece of furniture are W 100 cm, H 110 cm, D 80 cm. It’s an extremely flexible and versatile piece of furniture.