Carlo Pieranto Maldegardo is a designer who has experience working in organizations both traditional and modern.His latest project is the luxury kitchen, a modern space that will expand the functionality and the interior space of a home.

The designer chose this idea and enlarged the idea of this kitchen, and enlarged its area according to it. Hereupon the space was enlarged like in a big family. That is why you can see the whole kitchen placed in a corner or near the entrance. There are three levels used in this design, which are predominately used in the bedrooms. On the first place you can place the breakfast area, then the bar, living area, and finally the kitchen area.

The black color is completed by the wood, the doors plus acceset appliances. On the second place you can find the guest bathroom, with glass shower cabin, which offers a great view of the garden. If you want to put your clothes in the closet, the bedroom is choosed. On the last place is the delivery area, with double doors that allow you to get into the last hidden space of the house, and the delivery room.