When we re-envision a space, one of the hardest things to do is rearranging the items. We need to make some changes, to reorganize a space and to change the ambiance. The playing area gets a new look, the door has to be removed and repositioned, the table needs to be moved, the closet needs more space and so on. To make all of that easier, we’re gathered a few more ideas that might inspire you.

1. Girl room accent.

This room is almost exactly like the first one presented at the beginning. It’s a relatively small room but it’s also cozy and inviting. The décor is mostly neutral, with some colorful touches here and there. An unusual element is also the colorful rug which is a small reminder of the vibrant colors in the room.

Toy Chest Ideas For Girls Room Photo 3

2. Hipster bedroom decor.

Toy Chest Ideas For Girls Room Photo 4

This bedroom is rather simple but it has a hipster touch. It’s mostly traditional but the green shades add dynamism to the décor and the warm tones make everything harmonious. The combination of green and gray is not as well balanced as they could be but it’s still visible.

Toy Chest Ideas For Girls Room Photo 5

3. Girl room/entertainment.

This bedroom has a bit more of producer work than the other ones presented here. It’s a combination of bright and neutral shades with bold touches of color. Some of the decorations are definitely focal points but they are all small details that don’t stand out.

4. Creative family room.

The colors in this room are limited and they’re not as vibrant and eye-catching as in the case of the other two bedroom presented here. However, the simplicity of the décor makes them harmonious and the small number of decorations and accessories make them all cute.

5. Eclectic bedroom.

The colors of this bedroom are similar to those seen in the first example presented us. They are a bit more blue and gray and they’re also limited to white. The patterned curtains are a nice touch as well, adding dimension and pattern.

6. Easy girl room decor.

The colors of this room are somewhat pale blue and silver and they’re very similar to the colors seen in the first example presented here. They’re also a very nice combination of pastel blue and white.

7. Eclectic family room.

This one is a perfect example of how pastels can be successfully used to create a diverse interior décor. The pastel blue curtains are very beautiful and they go very well with the light blue walls and the wooden floor.

8. Easy bedroom decors.

There’s no one right way to design a bedroom. It all depends on individual preferences. So try to incorporate the pieces you like best and choose the ones that you find the most beautiful or comfortable.

9. Friendly kitchen.

The kitchen is a space where people usually interact and spend time together and it should be friendly. So it would be a good idea to opt for a pastel color palette when designing it. It’s not hard to do that.

10. Fun family room.

The family room is another space where people usually interact and spend time together. It’s also a space where family members get to spend time together and feel the need to spend time together, forget about everything else yet remember to maintain the balance.