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Studio Design Ideas For Your Kid

Kids are never kept far away from technology. If you want them you need to find a way to store them for a long time period. They also need a space for recreation or other types of activities. As a […]

Basement Media Rooms Can Be Stylish And Functional

Many times basement media rooms are designed poorly. They are often lack of natural light and features a dated look. However, when considering designing one, it’s worth remembering there are numerous benefits that come with using a basement space. Specifically, […]

Lubi Daybed By Giuseppe Viganó

The Lubi bed is a hand-winged daybed designed by Giuseppe Viganó. It has a sophisticated design, with evenly distributed cushions arranged side by side, with high density to provide a really comfortable sitting position. The daybed is available in both […]

Attic Office With Views Of The Forest

When you’re thinking of your home you usually picture a cozy, relaxing place where you can refuge to work or to relax. Well, this is a different kind of house. This one is a more open, functional space that also […]

Bedroom Reading Nook Makeover

After a while you’ve probably gotten to the point where you’ve considered taking a break from your regular home and getting some work done, and then you’ve considered taking that break back to come up with something better. Pinterest had […]

Apartment Hammock For Kids

If you’re a parent then you probably wish you went to the countryside and you could pick fruit trees. Well, that’s not true. It’s also true that if you’re a kid and you want to pick fruit trees you should […]