You’re going to love this story! In this fabulous sunroom of house from Sydney, Australia designers, Aboda Design Group created comfortable sunrooms where kids could come and play or be just relax and watch television and sip mulling matches or the afternoon movies with their friends. We love how they kept the cozy, rustic feel by designing their space with exposed brick and wood!

Aboda Design Group

Some of the rooms they designed were nicely enough looking for lounging but these rooms also take lounging to a whole new level! We’re loving the way these sunrooms create a semi-open space, letting the kids and their friends enjoy some rest time outside, even if the outside is closed off.

The outside of the sunroom is opened up, giving the space a breath of fresh air and allowing the already lovely garden to extend inside, creating the perfect backyard retreat. We also love how this sunroom makes the most of the available light and views by incorporating a TV and a glass table, creating a space that’s half indoors and half out.

This shop house design from Netherlandsarchitecten is super chic and suitful for a sunroom. As you can see, the lines are clean and contemporary, and even though this room has no windows, it still feels bright and welcoming because it’s right in front of the window.

Even a smaller sunroom can have a charming sunroom. In this case it’s a shade sail, and viola! It’s such a cozy space for lounging and reading.

Shiplap is prevalent in sunrooms across the home, and this shade sail design makes it even more prominent by dressing the wall behind it up with patterns. We love the way this room makes the most of its sloped ceiling.

What are your favorite sunroom ideas?