Are you bored of all those white, bright and dull rooms in your house? Don’t feel like taking away all the fun, bright colors and globs of “decorating” the room by painting everything in different, crazy colors? Well, by hanging small, action-packed paintings you can create a cool, eclectic look in the house by simply reinventing some of your favorite canvas. With a newfound freedom and space, virtually any room can be given a fresh, modern look.

1. Beautiful Naked.

I’m sure you’ve seen this one! A naked canvas hung over the bathroom floor, all painted in white like this beautiful, serene room. It’s a beautiful, peaceful area of the house that could really be transformed into something creative and artistic with all of the surrounding natural lighting.

2. Modern Chaos.

A completely collapsed bathroom, with all the plumbing and lighting hidden in a sort of white box, you can have a minimalist bathroom in a modern home feel pretty much invigorated and refreshed. But it’s still a very spacious room with plenty of natural light for photos or creativity.

3. Room Divider.

You can put a beautiful canvas of your favorite thing on the wall as a room divider. It adds fun pieces and a personal touch to a space that can be a headache to decorate and point out to everyone and everything.

4. Vintage Grape.

Turn one of your older children’s rooms into something funky and creative by hangin a large grape painted in a completely unique way. Your child will love it and have a personal space to decorate in.

5. Cute Cliff.

You can even take up the space under your stairs for some instant style and function. Take up space underneath your staircase and create a cool, contemporary look or left your staircase right up and angled into the wall. You’ll love the extra light and style.

6. Everywhere.

You can even take up the space under your stairs and create a space that’s full of fun and contemporary spirit. From funky furniture to the Asian accents or bohemian spirit, there’s something for everyone in this small, easy room.

7. Funky Jive.

Take your jumper and hang it up! All you need is a laugh to top it off! Your guests will love walking into this space and having a great time ensconcing their cool minds in this small, yet fashionable corner.

8. Totally Toadstool.

It could be a blanket and sock covered back porch or a kitchen, blanket and sock covered. Either way, it’s a fun and quirky way to pay homage to the friendly host and his hosts in the kitchen!

9. Introducing Sport.

If you grew up with it, you may have enjoyed playing sports in the backyard. Hall games are the funniest and fun to play. And you can still reap the benefits of an upholstered outdoor space.

10. Letting Them Eat.

Food helps soothe us at the end of the day and it’s always much easier on the eyes when our food is on display. If you have some outdoor seating around the house, utilize it to display and enjoy some after dinner.