You might feel that your home is too small for a potted plant on the counter or a beautiful painting on the wall. If that’s the case, then it’s time to move somewhere else and to open up your mind. Let’s talk about the interior design first. Since this is the living room where you’ll be placing the plant, it would be best for it to have a beautiful design and to be placed somewhere where it can be admired.

A great solution for making it look beautiful is to use geometric shapes. There are tons of beautiful ways in which you can play with proportions and shapes. The dining room could benefit from having a simple round plant similar to the one in the picture. It would look lovely in a simple wooden table.

You could also create a beautiful layout for the living room by placing two different types of plants on each side of the furniture, one on each shelf or on the desk. If you also bring some color and beauty into the room, you can paint the walls and the ceiling. In addition, a room with a simple and bright interior design could use a touch of vibrant color as well.{found on shadesofblueinteriors}.

Or, instead of treating the living room as a social area, you could have a separate reading corner. It could be a small and cozy sofa or some chairs, a coffee table and a small side table. A footstool could also be a nice addition.

As for the carpet, you should see that there’s usually no need for it to be fluffy in order to make a beautiful statement piece for the living room. Choose a soft and cozy rug, preferably something that has a simple pattern.

And don’t forget about the lighting. It would be wonderful if you could organize a table with a couple of floor lamps near the coffee table or maybe in a corner of the living room. A chandelier would also be an interesting choice.