The Minacciolo wood kitchen shelves represent an elegant and refined kitchen design, perfectly integrated in the contemporary living room or dining area. The design of the shelves is really simple but also pattern-oriented. The overall image is really attractive. In there, the difference between the shelves is not that big as with traditional shelves, either. It’s a very aesthetic improvement.

The kitchen is very accessible and it’s reasonably large. It’s visible that the shelves have a very soft and delicate look. It’s because the overall design is simple and the accent is not that bold. The colors are similar to white and they integrate nicely into the whole design. Furthermore, the shelves are very versatile and can be sued for storing all sorts of items both decorative and functional. You can store either things like decorative sculptures, vases, collectibles and other items.

The Minacciolo wood kitchen shelves are great for the living room or for the kitchen and dining area, since they don’t occupy as much space, not to mention that they would also make beautiful wedding decorations. They would look equally beautiful in both spaces. The shelves are made of wood from the Minacciolo family and they have an elegant see-through finish that gives them character. Usually, the shelves are placed against the wall. This is not always the case, given the dimensions of the Minacciolo wood pieces. The finished product is very beautiful and architecturally-intricate.