Those that are familiar with the traditional way of decorating the house before starting a renovation or adaptation of the interior for example can see the obvious advantage of getting some nice extensions by the simple use of exterior elements. It is also the case of this spell edification letters , decorated mostly with black and white themes and images, which stands for the modern and comfortable living place.

The front façade of the house was kept as the traditional one, a bit more vintage and with only a few decorations, but comfortable as well. In the rear the position of the house was advantageous, because the place is close to a forest, and the designers got an extension of the garden in the building. For the rest of the façade the designers made a transition and made a transformation of the openings in the facade, from one side to the other, so that they brought the façade to the opposite side. This compensates the absence of windows from the façade, defending the interior from the intense outside environment.{found on archdaily}

Decorating Letters On The Outside Photo 2

Decorating Letters On The Outside Photo 3