This cozy apartment is located in Brooklyn, New York City. It covers a surface of 250 square feet and it has spacious rooms and a functional interior décor. The apartment is currently for sale for $278,000. It features an airy loft, beautiful Douglas fir floors throughout and comfortable furniture. It’s a small apartment but it’s perfect for a single couple. It also has a beautiful interior décor and lots of beautiful architectural details.

The apartment would be a lovely home for a young couple or a single person who doesn’t need a lot of space but just enough to be happy about. The living room features Douglas fir wooden flooring throughout, white walls, a blackened steel fireplace in the living room, blackened steel and glass and these are just the elements that make it so beautiful.

Living Roo-city In Brooklyn, NY Photo 2

The kitchen is also spacious, with double ovens, plenty of storage space and it has either granite countertops or marble countertops. It’s part of an open floor plan that also includes the dining area. The apartment also has an office, in case the couple spends a more time there than in the living room.

Just because the apartment has a small footprint doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered like a cluttered home. If you prefer working in your own space, there’s always an open floor plan that would be ideal. In this case, two of the walls have been taken out and this way an empty space has been created. It can then be used as a working area.