In our homes we have all sort of belongings and we want to keep them in sight so that nobody see them. This means that bedroom is the worst. We always try to hide them in drawers under the bed or in closets and on the walls, but the storage space is very little and we never seem to find a place for them.

The solution for this problem was designed by Nicholas Bradbury who also created the icicles room dividers. These are very practical and functional dividers which you can use to separate the areas in your home without having to spend much time and money putting them every time. They are also very good-looking and nice looking and they are also very versatile.

Ikea Room Dividers Photo 2

You can use them to store your books, pictures, decorations, collectibles, maybe the children’s toys or behind the kitchen sink. Each divider is specially designed for this type of spaces and they can very easily fit in any bedroom or living room design. They will look great and will also help you to save a lot of space. You will be able to hide a lot of things in an attractive and funny way.

Ikea Room Dividers Photo 3