Standing corner shelves are not any special commodities. In fact, the ones that we’re interested in are probably the ones produced by weaver and carpenters (or some of the most old-fashioned with modern technology) and they have a very simple design and look. They are part of furniture collections and they can be used in many ways.

Today we’re going to present you the “Standing” series. It’s a collection of shelves that have a very simple and also sophisticated look. The collection was designed by Keisuke Sano and Yuko Ito from Jun’yen University in Tochigi, Japan. The collection is basically composed of standing shelves that have been designed with a custom rule to have a geometric look. This means that they have been cut at a 45 degree angle and have a fourteenth arm height. The remaining side sections have also been cut at a 45 degree angle.

The collection features wall shelves as a main element. They are great in terms of storage space as they don’t occupy any floor space. The shelves are made from two parts in a board and that means a lot of attention had when getting the design just right. The original collection had a series of shelves with irregular shapes and sizes. With the new design everything is simpler and the look has become more and more casual.