Whether you have a hammock in the summer or not, the weather doesn’t necessarily say that you can’t enjoy them. Everyone knows how charming hammocks are. But they also know how to make it comfortable and how to offer the users the chance to enjoy it every single day. These beautiful hammocks created by the designer Andreu Carulla stand out with their minimalist and bright designs.

The hammocks are made of light and durable fabric. They have soft padded heads that are enclosed in a wide range of bright color fabric, giving them a playful but also stylish look. The collection includes two types of hammocks. The Sky series is a collection of cubes that can be placed in numerous different ways. They can be arranged however you want and placed directly against the wall or you can gather them in a wicker basket or in a cloth hammock. They are looped and have gentle curves that support the user. The colors available are primarily pastels and subtle tones with occasional red accents.

Colorful Hammocks To Brighten Up Your Summers Photo 2

Colorful Hammocks To Brighten Up Your Summers Photo 3