Traditional bedroom lamps are usually big and big because they take little space and they also provide you with the perfect illumination. However, since the customers demanded an unusually high ceiling for their bedroom, architects from Robson Rak had to come up with something really innovative for them. The result is this beautiful bedroom ceiling light that is called Detek.

The name of the product is actually really well chosen. Detek is a combination between two words : bedroom and light. The product is is basically a box that houses all the bulbs from the light fixture. The sunlight is filtered through, creating a really beautiful and unique effect.The embossed curve of the shade is a symbol of the flat screen television the customer demanded , so the light can offer him the best viewing experience.

The product was presented by Lighting UK, the award-winning manufacturer of unusual lighting. Thin flexible light bulbs are used to offer the great lighting experience, thanks to the low voltage. These bulbs are usually blue and white, warm and maybe a little bit more intense that the natural sunlight light.

The embossed curve gives the impression of a veil, adding the modern touch to the already modern bedroom decor. If you are looking for a particular model, you should know that there are many variants, with different shapes and even colors. These lights are a really good investment, because a great one will add a significant point of interest to your interior.