Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bedroom Ceiling Light By Robson Rak

Traditional bedroom lamps are usually big and big because they take little space and they also provide you with the perfect illumination. However, since the customers demanded an unusually high ceiling for their bedroom, architects from Robson Rak had to […]

Attic Room Ideas By Lauraschuvala

I’d like to present another beautiful and spacious attic room. As you can see this attic is pretty small, so the owners decided to turn it into a home office. In this space they put a large desk, and one […]

Bedroom Ceiling Light By DeGrowth

We love light fixtures that make a big statement, and that’s what we got our hands on with this bedroom ceiling light by DeGrowth. This modern, metal sheet filter light creates a soft, ambient glow reminiscent of the clear blue […]

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures By Calazzo

The Italian company Calazzo has introduced some very interesting bedroom lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures take the basic fixtures found in sconces and lampshades and placed them on the wall. In this way they serve both as a source of […]