This is the attic bedroom of designer Marcin Krzemievi?ius. It’s a wonderful idea for small spaces. The attic usually has a slanted ceiling, the bed has to be level with the ceiling but still, the space doesn’t seem to be adequate and the bed just sits in the corner. In this case, the solution was very clever. The bed was raised on a platform and the walls were torn down. The bedroom became an open space and the slanted ceiling was exposed.

The stairs and the bed serve now as supports for the flooring. The floor was made of insulated solid wood and it’s sturdy and durable. The bedroom is not actually entirely separated from the living room area. It has a series of rooms separated by curtains. The living room is large and has bookcases and an overall cozy and intimate look. Overall, this is a smart implementation of the idea that people have always used for sleeping in the attic.{found on houzz and pics by Cyril Forge}