Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Attic Room Ideas By Lauraschuvala

I’d like to present another beautiful and spacious attic room. As you can see this attic is pretty small, so the owners decided to turn it into a home office. In this space they put a large desk, and one […]

Neon Room Ideas

Neon lights have always been intriguing. They have shown us images of ships that have been built with neon inside and that have incorporated light bulbs into their designs. There are also interesting-looking spaces that have illuminated walls that have […]

Boho Style Rooms By Scandinavian Homes

Scandinavian homes are all about keeping things simple and in the meantime, focusing on lining up everything in the house with the odd assortment of furniture pieces.They also focus on fitting in pastel colors and cozy nooks and crannies to […]