I’ve always loved fancy beds and so, when I’ve seen this one, I don’t know if I will even want one in my house. The hanging bed swing from Viva Eldegework is perfect for the slightest hint that it might take over. This chic, glamorous bed can make the statement in a contemporary home, a dreamy apartment or even a contemporary downtown office.

The bed swing features a modern, twisted look that is reminiscent of the swing set of old time. This Victorian piece is perfect for any contemporary home due to its innovative design and sleek finish. If you are a fan of vintage furniture but think about how low maintenance and easy to move would be to add this to your home, you will love this!

This stylish bed swing was designed by Group 41 and has some different features that make it worthy of your attention. For example, it has water-resistant polyester fabric that is stain resistant, thus offering you a cozy experience whenever you want to have a taste of the real old-world in your home. It also has glass legs, adding a sleek and stylish look. The modern design of the bed swing by Matteo Thun and Arsen Tamucca comes together beautifully, creating a swing as well as a comfy bed.

Hanging Bed Swings From A Vanities Of Light! Photo 3