Since we’re usually pretty busy people, we might as well save some time and just get a little focus on the design of our homes. It’s not so easy to choose the right products but every once in a while we get lucky and we find ourselves in a situation when we really like something but we don’t want it to end right here. This is what makes r0home special.

RTPCOOL brings us this set of four artisan-crafted acrylic desk lamps. It’s a set of four identical lamps with similar designs but different dimensions. Actually, the large one actually means 11” x 11” x 11” in order to be able to suit all kinds of desks and nightstands, as well as all the types of nightstands that you can currently think of. The table lamp has a delicate and sophisticated look while maintaining its minimalist appearance. It uses one 125W incandescent light bulb which is not included.

Small Acrylic Desk Lamps From R0home Photo 2

In order to focus on the design itself, there’s no need to look for components of other similar set. The lamp comes with a limited lifetime warranty and it is, indeed, very durable and resilient. It’s also not just very convenient but also very versatile. You can buy the lovely desk lamp for the price of EUR 315.97. Add a matched one for even more charm.

Small Acrylic Desk Lamps From R0home Photo 5