This is a house that used to look quite sad and lonely until it has been rehabilitated and redesigned. It was a sad and depressing building from the 1980s that didn’t really any good. However, it had potential and the owners really wanted to see it once again. The renovation was completed in 2011 and the house is now a quite modern home.

The rehabilitation of the house was a little more complicated than expected. First of all, the house needed to be transformed. It was in pretty good condition and the owners really liked the design of the house so transforming it wasn’t that easy. The architects that worked on this project used moss to restore the house and to give it a new identity and a fresh look.

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The house is located in San Francisco, California and its transformation was major. First of all, all the hardwork had to be done. It wasn’t easy but the owners really wanted to start fresh so they hired a landscape architect and a design firm to help them with that. The house needed to be restored to its original beauty.

The remodel had to be a little more challenging because of all the changes that had to be made. It also needed to take into consideration the existing foundations that had been preserved but not used in the project. In order to preserve the charm of the house and to bring it back to life, the architects used moss to conceal all the fiberglass features and to give the house a more authentic look. Andrea and David worked together and although they didn’t have much time to work together, they managed to work together on this project and to turn this dark and old house into a beautiful modern home.

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