We all know how difficult it can be to have an up to date office space. Working is very exhausting and sometimes it’s even painful. That’s why we all need to make our desks work much more efficiently and to be as functional as possible. Today’s invention is a foldable desktop. This means that it can be folded only when needed, thus allowing you to save a lot of space during the day.

Designed by Paolo Grasselli, the desk has a very simple and compact shape. It can be folded into a rectangular mirror or mounted on the wall and it thus becomes even easier to maintain the space you need for your appointments. You simply folds the mirror when you’re done using the extra-flat feet. It’s a great office solution for small spaces.

Foldable Office Desk By Paolo Grasselli Photo 2

However, even though this foldable piece is very practical and convenient, it doesn’t offer you as much freedom as in the case of an office desk. The desk itself can often make quite a big difference in the case of small homes. But even in this case you’re not wasting a lot of space with this piece. When folded, the desk’s dimensions are as follows: 24? wide x 10? deep x 31.5? high. In order to achieve the right proportions of the desk you’ll also need caster wheels, levelers, a wall biner, 10” screws and clear polyurethane.Available for 58$.