It’s a simple, charming and modern garden house located in Tokyo, Japan. It has a simple and clean design, both inside and out. It was a project by Michal Baggarioni and it was completed in 2008. The house covers a surface of 63.69 square meters and it has a very compact shape.

The house has two levels and they both have been designed with carefully different features. The ground floor is simple and features concrete walls and grey details. It’s very simple and lacking any other bright colors. The other level of the house is different and it has a very functional and practical design. It’s a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces that work together perfectly.

The ground level is actually the basement of the house. The front of the house includes a large roof terrace and the other level includes the open living area. The interior design is functional and the décor is simple, with light colors and wooden furniture. It’s a detached house but it’s very beautiful and the views are very beautiful, especially from the roof terrace.{found on archdaily}

Japanese Garden House With Twist By Michal Baggarioni Photo 3