There’s no denying that pink is a lively color. It’s not as common as white or the other neutrals so when you use it on the walls, accent walls, artwork and accessories it can be a very exciting color. Still, a pink bedroom can also become overwhelming if it’s used as a regular, continuous tone throughout the room. That’s why using pink wallpaper or in combination with other pink elements is a great idea. This way it doesn’t matter how many pink elements are used, they will still make the room vibrant.

This is a modern family home designed by Andrew Maynard Architects. It’s a beautiful, simple and elegant home with a subtle Mediterranean influence. The walls are pink and the whole room has a very soothing and relaxing look. It’s a great color to use for the bedroom as it doesn’t usually feel bad in there.

This is another example of a modern and simple pink bedroom. As you can see, the whole interior of the bedroom is white. It’s a nice color to use for the bedroom, especially if you like taking a nap or getting a little nap. Pink is also a very bright and fresh color so the room should be as bright as possible, preferably a sunny color.

This is a very charming bedroom with a traditional interior décor. It’s very cozy and warm but it’s also very chic and elegant. The combination of pink and wood is not that common but it works beautifully. Besides the bright colors, the rest of the décor is also welcoming and comfortable.

Pink is a great color for the kids’ room. It’s really cheerful and cute and kids love it. Still, I’m not sure that it would feel like a good choice for the bedroom. Maybe in the case of a more private home it could be a good idea to create a more calm décor by using neutral colors, shades or even softer tones of pink. The result would be an eclectic bedroom, a colorful and fun room where you can relax and feel comfortable but that also still match very well the rest of the house.