This is not the first or the last russian house with a beautiful architecture. It’s called Villa Vals and it’s located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The name is very suggestive for the design. The villa has an overall russian design with a capital and domestic space inside and other spaces being organized around it.

The villa was designed and built by Oliver Croft. It has a modern look and it features a combination of natural and artificial materials. This allows it to blend in and to become a part of the landscape. The houses are separated by walls and the enclosure is covered with perforated panels that also allow the entrance. The house also has a beautiful roof garden and from there you get to admire all the beautiful views. Inside, the villa’s rooms have panoramic views over the sea and the entire surroundings.

The interior design of the villa is simple, stylish and modern and the facade is just as beautiful. The main entrance leads to the ground floor where all the living spaces are located. The house has a total of 118 rooms, both the main and the auxiliary spaces. The villa also has an impressive cellar with a glass wall that allows you to admire the outside view from inside the house. The design and the exterior architecture, in this case, conforms to the local style but it also features an original style.

Modern Russian Architecture That Stands Out In Tel Aviv Photo 4