Bed is a must have in every house. ikea offer you a big bed which guarantees your safety and comfort or ikea’s wonderful products which you can also use as kitchen furniture. You do not have to feel bothered by a mattress or shoes and can enjoy a awesome bed like this one. What could be more relaxing than falling asleep in a warm and comfortable bed after a hard day at work? What can compare with a comfortable bed when you have a little sleep?

The bed is made of durable molding and wood, as I said ; strong, durable and I’m a fan of this kind of bed. It has a round shape and a special mechanism that allow you to rock your head up, neck down, and 180 degrees. This way, you will feel comfortable, enjoy a good night sleep and will flip the bed willingly, with no harmful forces.

There are a lot of different models with or without headboard and I prefer this one because it has a nice combination of simplicity and convenience. The bed is a simple rectangular platform with no headboard and I know that your bedroom will look better without it. This bed costs around $995 and it is manufactured by Ukeeda.