Many talented and creative people, even if they are famous, have the ability to transform their interiors in a totally different way depending on the client and the budget. For those who are renting and for whom everything is always a problem, designer Petra Yorim and her team have found a way to create a professional working environment that fits and is simple for the owner.

They have managed to create a professional working environment that looks like a stylish apartment or a suburban studio but is actually more spacious. It is primarily because of the major changes made to the premises and not by the fact that it was decorated in an exaggerated manner. One of the largest partitions was taken down from an old wall and a new one was placed on it to replace the broken one.

In the domestic space, the first partition was removed to get into the main bedroom and sitting area. In its place we have found a white desk personalized in a bronze bronze mirror top, a world map, a chalkboard on the wall and all sorts of other decorations. The colors in the room were kept as the same as in the apartment; brown and gray provide a warm feeling and not a dullness.

In the living room, the first partition was still there, but it was painted white. The room has a simple, calm, comfortable and relaxing décor where we can find all sorts of items and personal things that belong to the owner. If you couldn’t make this first wall completely white, maybe the opposite one and in the opposite color would be more effective and practical.

We thank the designer Alykhan Molova for this inspiring work of ours. We also could not help but notice how the whole idea of storage was improved, as it is a very small space and it was used very well. The result is that the room is spacious and almost offers you enough place for a small notebook or a colorful napkin. You can move around in your apartment or buy some reserved places for a quiet dinner at home.