While most people would only think of one or two things when it comes to makeovers regarding their bathroom, this is actually the second part of the equation. There are lots of things you can do to make this room even more inviting than it already is.

1. Highlight the tub.

Having a tub with an interesting shape or with an interesting color or any other particular feature or design can be a very nice touch. It will definitely become a focal point for the room and will allow people to enjoy it more.

Bathroom Small Ideas Photo 3

2. Nice towels.

Bathroom Small Ideas Photo 4

Make the bathroom look visually appealing by using classy towels. The simpler the better. A simple mat or scarf can make the bathroom look neat and chic.

3. Stone tiles.

Cover the floor with stone tiles or other similar tiles. In the bathroom, these are the ones you need. They have the perfect shape for the curved sinks and straight lines that define the rest of the room.

4. Power room.

Take out the fun stuff, the furniture you no longer need and replace it with something more useful. An old radio or a box of batteries can become an interesting headboard, a side table or a great room divider.

5. Creative bedroom wall art.

It’s important to create your own art so you can personalize your home and you can do that by using all sorts of creative ideas. Maybe you’re lucky enough to find some great prints, or maybe you can come up with your own wallpaper design.

6. Make the ceiling the focal point.

The ceiling is usually not used for something. It’s why it becomes a great space-saver in the bathroom as well. You can easily make it interesting by choosing a pattern or a color that you love and using it to decorate the ceiling.

7. Add some branch.

Using branches to decorate the bathroom is extremely simple. It’s also an inexpensive project that doesn’t require you to try to make a mess of the room. Just use a decorative shower branch or something similar.

8. Print a message.

Pick a theme and go with it. This can then help you personalize the bathroom in a more personal way. You can pick a theme that suits the room or you can try to create something that’s just for the sake of the space.