A small bedroom has its ups and downs. On one hand it’s difficult to fit everything you need inside it and it’s also challenging to decorate it elegantly. On the other hand, there’s also the problem with the light. In the first case the windows are large and the bed has a solid base and the room seems fairly big and airy. But in this case the mattress is small and the day bed seems out of proportion compared to the bed.

The bottom is the most difficult area of the room. It’s a space that needs to be converted into something else, usually so the bed would be unusable anyway. The solution in this case was to give the bed a makeover and to paint it a beautiful turquoise shade. Then, after the bed has been painted, its frame was secured with pinched metal pieces and this entire thing was painted turquoise. The rest of the details are kept simple and neutral.{found on designsponge}.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 2