The Geo Pattern by Memo is a collection of letters that are arranged in space in 3-D. The design was originally designed for adobe mosaic production.

The palette of letters has many colors combinations and there can be found red, yellow, blue, green, black or blue with other colors added. Each letter can be made from a different material. Moreover, the “s” in the front of each letter are so that the letters will have even 1/3 chance of working together. Adding the patterns to your home will bring a unique look and feel to the interiors.

What’s more, you can create the perfect design by yourself. You can begin by choosing the letters you would like to paint and then either purchase the complete collection or make individual letters. Due to the large variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, the Geo Pattern is available in over 100 colors and designs.

Geo Pattern From Memo Photo 3

Geo Pattern From Memo Photo 4