When you think of an interior décor, you immediately picture the colors and patterns that come from the continent that inspiration many of your projects. But let’s take one more step into the dark side. There are ways to bring the colors from the African culture deep into your home. For example, you could create a sunny interior design just by choosing the right colors. We have selected several examples that might illustrate this idea.

1. Green is the main shade and it can be seen in all the rooms. Notice the green carpet that covers one half of the bedroom and the large wall décor or the green decorative covered carpets. They all seem light and vibrant but they also all have a simple and elegant look.

2. Blue is the accent color of the house. It can be seen in the form of accessories such as the lampshades or one of the decorative items. In the dining room there’s a minimalist cabinet focused on pure lines that continues with a simple, aqua dining table. It’s the shape of the room that defines it.

Tropical Backgrounds And African Influences In Interior Designs Photo 4

3. Red is the brightest color of the rainbow. It’s a strong color and a common question among people when decorating their homes. Since red is a natural shade, you should use it as an accent color. You can also take advantage of this feeling and even turn the whole bedroom into a red-lacquered space. For example, that purple bathroom could become a red-lacquered space or it could have a red floor and white walls and it would still be like a dark room but with a clean and simple look.

Tropical Backgrounds And African Influences In Interior Designs Photo 5

4. Green is a natural color and one that’s particularly beautiful and fresh. Another great color for the bathroom is blue. It’s soothing and relaxing and it matches the colors of the carpet and of the wooden furniture perfectly. Also, green looks especially beautiful when paired with brown and even tan.

5. Banana yellow is a very strong and vibrant color. It’s a strong accent color and it can be used in combination with bright colors such as orange, red, black or red. Lately it’s been used to give the bedroom a warm and relaxing look. It’s also the color of the pastel that goes best with beige and brown.

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