Whether you’re planning an outdoor party for the kids, a tea party for your guests, a birthday party or any other event, you still need a fun and comfortable place to swing. It’s all about the swings. Designed especially for this type of events, the swings can be placed anywhere you want. They can be placed just about anywhere.

There are multiple ways in which you can integrate the swings into a décor and you can choose the option to build the swings yourself. This way you can try to find the perfect place for them. Basically you need to build the frame. You can buy a wooden frame, cut it to size and then attach it to the swing. Of course, this part can be really simple and all you need is some lumber and some hooks. {found on thehambyhome}.

You can also build the entire swing from scratch. You can try to find a sample of this project and then come up with your own version. If you want the swing to be longer than the usual one, you can add a few extra posts or to cut a stock tree shape from plywood and maybe even make a rabbitable box for the shoes.{found on inmyownstyle}.

Yard Swings That Let You Entice Your Guests Photo 4

The technique we use when building a swing from wood can be adapted for lots of other projects, including for this cute little square-shaped piece. The swing doesn’t have to be big. In fact, it can be little shorter to achieve the desired look. You can make it big enough for the kids to use for an hour at night and you can add a seat cushion for comfort.{found on seakettle}.

Yard Swings That Let You Entice Your Guests Photo 5

Don’t have time to build the swing from scratch? No worries. You can also buy one similar to the one we mentioned for $3.50. You need a piece of wood, some sanding paper, a drill, small screws, a saw, a drill, rope, stain or paint and some wire hooks if you want to hang the swing.{found on thelovelycupboard}.