Having a home office can be very practical and necessary in a home where you work. An office is the perfect place where you can be alone and where you can better concentrate on the things that matter most. But even if you have a large home office, there are things that you still have to keep in mind, and those are more than just money. Some people also work on projects that benefit their business. In those cases you need to find a very practical and functional way of storing all the items that you need in your office. Here are a few ideas of furniture that might be helpful in your effort to build a great office storage system.

Birch Edge Hedge Closet

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Let’s start with the closet. This is usually the part of the house that is never really used because it’s part of the entryway and thus any clutter there is always uncomfortable and unbecoming. To solve this problem, you can opt for a closet directly inside the bedroom. But don’t stop there. Give your closet a makeover and you can achieve a very stylish look.

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Bathroom Cabinets with Doors

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The same goes for the bathroom cabinets. You can solve two problems by giving the cabinets a makeover. You can start by painting the cabinets once they’re empty and you can also decorate their fronts with wallpaper, murals or other things.

Hanging Storage Designs

Storage is very important in the bathroom so you want it to be properly integrated into the room. One way to do is with a hanging storage system which sits on the wall above the tub or above the desk.

Shelves and Vanity

A beautiful way to store all the bathroom things like toiletries, q-tips, mascara, sponge and other things is to have a shelving system which you can mount on the wall or on the ceiling.

Hanging Shelves for the Cosy Home

There’s also the option to have shelves mounted on the wall in the hallway or in the master bedroom. If you want to get that rustic look, use reclaimed wood or chunky wooden boards.